The Duke3D Challenge!

I really like to play Duke3D one on one over the modem.

If you think you may be a local call to the 727 area code in Florida,
Send me an E-Mail and we'll give it a try! (Please read the note below first!)
Here's what may happen if you do...HEH HEH!

Osiris, also known as Daxxus, has had the pleasure!

Vengeance likes to play...and DIE!!

Thanks to everyone who challenged me! It was fun to play so many quality players! College is getting more involved, so I may not be able to play as much as I'd like to. Send me your info anyway, because I may have a little free time to KILL YOU!!!

The link below leads to my page of Deathmatch levels.
First unzip the levels into your Duke3d directory, then you can play these map files by SELECTING a USER LEVEL in the setup program.
(Type 'setup' in the Duke3d Dir)
You can use the command line parameter:
duke3d -map wm1


Are you ready?? Hit the back button and send me an E-Mail!!

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