Senseless Killing

    This page isn't meant to be fancy, it's just here so that I can express my feelings

about this kind of atrocity, as well as the media's slanted hunt for scapegoats.

    I am truly sorry to hear about innocent lives being taken by some nuts armed

with guns and pipe bombs.  My objection is with the media looking for something

(anything) to blame other than the persons responsible.  It is NOT the internet's

fault.  It is NOT a video game's fault.  It is NOT the fault of any band, musician, or

recording artist.  It is NOT hollywood's fault, and it doesn't have ANYTHING to do

with TV or the movies.  The GUNS are not at fault here, it's where the guns

came from that needs investigation.  The accusing finger of guilt is not being pointed

at the PARENTS of the psycho kids that did the killing, it's being pointed at

everything else!  I read about the middle class family of one of the killers.  I was

just wondering how many other middle class families own a $400,000 house and

seven cars (5 BMW's).  This may seem irrelevant to some, but it seems that the

rich are above the law.  When Joan Benet Ramsey was killed, the (rich) family

REFUSED to have an interview with the police.  Your average person doesn't get

away with this kind of crap!  The parents are responsible for their children, and I

know that even the best of parents can have psycho kids, but it doesn't appear to

me that the parents were paying any attention to what their kids were doing.  My

main point is:  Stop trying to blame society for every nutcase that does something

crazy.  The people closest to the problem are the most responsible (and ultimately,

the morons who commit the acts are responsible).  The parents, and any

close friends that may have been clued in to the path of their madness should

have stepped in long ago at the first sign of lunacy (like the film that they made for

a school project that depicted people in trenchcoats running around killing jocks in

a High School).  Maybe it's me, but I'd say that was a HUGE red flag going up!!

PARENTS: High School kids don't need an arsenal of guns!  That's all that I have

to say for now.  Any comments can be sent to me by using the email form on the

index page.