Our Aladdin Lamp page

We both like antiques, and these lamps are old as well as beautiful !

This is Spot's Aladdin Model B mantle lamp.
These lamps have a very bright light, and burn very clean.
Spot had someone look for this beauty at an auction, because she wanted a green one. It also has a nickel finish.

This is Anubis' Aladdin Model B mantle lamp.
The base and burner assembly is original, and belonged to my grandmother.
I fixed the rest up, and purchased a hand painted shade for it.
I have been to alot of Aladdin Lamp pages, but have never seen a picture of the Model B lamp. Maybe the collectors find these lamps too common, but I like these models much more than the fancier ones.

If anyone had a red or amber Model B lamp for sale, please send us an Email and let us know! We prefer to buy the bases without shades, because it keeps the price down!

My mom has a very unique oil lamp. It says Rayo on the burner assembly, but we haven't been able to find out any info on it. Anyone who has looked at it says they have never seen one like it.
If you think you might be able to help, click on the link below to see a picture of the lamp. It is a large file, so give it awhile to load !
My Mom's Lamp!

Thanks for looking!
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