L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

I have read tons of magic related books, and the Recluce series stands out as one of my favorites.
The Magic of Recluce cover
  • The Magic of Recluce
  • The Towers of the Sunset
  • The Magic Engineer
  • The Order War
  • The Death of Chaos
  • Fall of Angels
  • The Chaos Balance
  • The White ORder
  • Colors of Chaos
  • Magi'i of Cyador
  • Scion of Cyador
The author is still writing books for this series as of 2001.
This is not the only series by Modesitt, and I think that if you read any of his books you will not be disappointed!

Here is the cover of the latest Modesitt book that I have read:
Gravity Dreams cover
Finished 7/29/01
Another engrossing book.  Modesitt has a way to get you interested in his characters so that you really care what happens to them.

Here's a link to a very thorough Modesitt site!
 Unofficial Modesitt site