The C-64 Page

Everyone who has owned one of these machines will have to say they had alot of fun with it. My friends and I were serious Commodore hackers!!

That's what WE thought anyway!

While looking around the net I was amazed to find so many people interested in the old C-64. There are even emulators that you can run on PC as well as MAC!

All this talk got me interested again as well. So I dug my stuff out of the closet and got it hooked up, and PRESTO! The C-64 affair begins anew!

Here's a couple of links to get you started on the C-64 quest:
Greg and David's C-64 Page
Arnold - FTP site for C-64 games

You can download files to use on the emulator, and transfer these files to your C-64 VIA a parallel cable that hooks from your printer port to the 1541 drive. There are TONS of games to download FREE!
The files are tiny, and the possibilities great, if you're a Commodore lover!

If you already have an emulator that uses .t64(Tape) and .d64(Disk) image files, click on the pictures below to download!
These 2 games were the first ones that I played on the C-64. Have Fun!
Caverns Of Khafka

Forbidden Forest

If you have any 64 items that you wish to donate, E-Mail me! 

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