The Voodoo3 3000 chipset is out, and it's CHEAP !!

Almost every new game that comes out uses 3Dfx, and if you don't have the hardware, you're missing out on the best graphics available today.

 Winamp, the best Mp3 player around, also supports 3Dfx.
(it starts a 3d screensaver while you play your CD-quality tunes)

I'm now using a Voodoo3 2000 PCI, and it's great !  P1 users will find that it will dust off your old dog and let it do a few more tricks !

To help you see what you are missing, here is a before and after shot of Quake.
Keep in mind that the shots aren't as good as the game itself, but it's enough for a comparison.
These shots are 320X240.
The Quake picture without GL was shot at the max resolution my video card would allow. 360X480. Using the 'timerefresh' command in the console, I was getting about 12 frames per second in the spot where the picture was shot.
Quake Pic Regular

The GL Quake picture was shot in 640X480. I was getting 24 frames per second in the spot the picture was taken.
Quake GL
Note the halo around the lava ball.

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